Login Problems

Please ensure that you are using the http://www.tradedoubler.com domain to access your TradeDoubler account.

Delete Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, clear Cache and then Restart the browser.

Cookie Blocking

Typically 3rd party applications such as Norton's Internet Security, Zone Alarm, PAL Evidence Eliminator, or other firewall/privacy protection software cause your computer to block the TradeDoubler cookie. Please contact your software vendor or consult the manual to setup the correct permissions for the TradeDoubler cookie. You need to either shut down the cookie blocking software or make TradeDoubler.com one of your trusted sites in order to access the TradeDoubler interface

Browser Settings

Please check the following:

- Check whether you are blocking www.tradedoubler.com
- Check whether you have added www.tradedoubler.com to your safe list
- Check any new or existing security software to see if you are blocking www.tradedoubler.com

If you are using Internet Explorer:

- Go to Tools >> Internet Options >> Security.
- Now select "Restricted Sites" and click "Sites". Ensure that the TradeDoubler website is NOT listed there.
- Now select Trusted Sites (also under Internet Options >> Security) and ADD www.tradedoubler.com to that list.

You must repeat this process of ALL versions of Internet Explorer that are installed on your computer. Even an old copy of IE6 which has gone unused for some time, can still have an active blocked list that can cause these issues.

If you are using Firefox:

- Go to Options >> Options >> Privacy >> Clear your recent history
- Choose Everything, tick Cookies and press 'Clear Now'

If you are using Chrome:

- Click the General Settings symbol (A spanner) in the top right corner of the opened browser window.
- Go to Options >> Under The Bonnet >> Privacy >> Content Settings >> Cookies >> Exceptions.
- Now ensure that the TradeDoubler website is listed here with a rule of "Allow".

If you are using Opera:

- Click the Opera logo in the top left corner of the screen.
- Click Settings >> Preferences.
- Now select the Advanced Tab >> Security >> Trusted Websites.
- Now ensure that the TradeDoubler website is listed here.

If you are using Safari:

- Click the General Settings symbol (A gear) in the top right corner of the opened browser window.
- Select Preferences >> Security.
- Under the "Accept Cookies" section, select "Never" and click "Show Cookies".
- Ensure that you remove any reference to TradeDoubler cookies you find here.

Please also check all versions of browsing software that you have on your computer (used or unused) as their "blocked lists" can still affect your ability to receive cookies and view websites. For example, if you use Firefox, any old versions of Internet Explorer should also be looked in to. If this does not solve the problem, please repeat the process but focussing on any security software you have on your computer such as anti-spyware, anti-adware, anti-virus and firewalls. These all have the ability to block cookies from websites, and as such you should check to see that our site is not being affected.

If your problems persist please contact the Publisher Support Team on the details below
T: 0845 894 5128, Option 2


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